Our motto is to build from evolution to revolution.

Elite recruit – elite for us means human value which implies honesty, respect for yourself and those around you, and the desire to do something better for yourself and your society.

There are already many recruiting websites with thousands of specialists having fabulous CVs, promising you a future spayed in “gold”.

The world we work in has no shortage of specialists, on the contrary. It lacks appreciation for deep character, conscience, and a true rapprochement with people.

Our “history” is different. Through the experience that has been passed on to our team, we have roots from the Edo period, we have amassed from Europe the experience of the Mitterrand era and we have a complex picture of both the capitalist and the communist world.

Our main activity began with a commercial one, covering 3 continents. Our greatest achievement, our greatest gain is the understanding of interpersonal relationships and cultural, economic, political differences that overshadow our material accumulation.

The result of this journey we have completed leads to Elite Recruit which has as its cornerstone the full support for those whom we will not consider as our clients but as people who want to change their lives – from finding a job, a home, integrating into society (Japanese society), strengthening or building a family, to rediscovering oneself or individual achievement. (link to “Services” which will be called What we do).

 Why elite? The best people with the best team in the best place – Japan. Its importance in the world is undeniable, from human values to economic strength. As a nation reborn as a phoenix, without natural resources, it achieved the unimaginable, becoming one of the world’s great economies. The safety as a society is perhaps the strongest in the world – from wages and consideration for investors to social security.

A society where crime is almost non-existent, where children can enjoy childhood – an economic giant where children go to school unaccompanied, in the city.