Born on 25 September 1976.

Engineer by profession; later graduated in psychology at Spiru Haret University / Romania. At the age of 23, he started his own business with the motto “building from evolution to revolution”.

At the same time, he had a brilliant career in contact sports, fighting all over Europe, Japan, and Russia. He was awarded the Sports Laureate in 2007 and the Order of Merit in Sports by the President of his country in 2012.

He has worked as an anti-drug agent, specializing in security and negotiation.

In 2010 he became the Executive Officer of the Japanese company Apicola Inc. and later founder of the Nippon Sogo Kempo Association.

Languages spoken – English, Romanian, Japanese.

Marital status – married, one daughter.

Hobbies – nature, history, martial arts – master level