All three economic sectors hire more and more foreigners due to low birth rates and a decrease in the number of young people.

We collaborate with all kinds of companies and people, from small family-owned farms to big enterprises. 

It depends if you want to live in the countryside, a traditional and quiet life with friendly neighbors who bring you all kinds of vegetables and gifts and welcome you warmly.

Or if you want to live in the limelight of the big cities like Tokyo or Osaka, with so many things to do and experience that you have never seen before and meet people from different parts of Japan and the world, the only long thing you will need is time and money.

Or you want something in between, medium cities with plenty of activities but at the same time closer to nature, tradition and history. To escape on your day off to visit mountains, temples, shrines, and world heritages.

Or the location is not important for you but the job itself. Make your choice based on your qualifications, your preferences, and your interests.